Rankings Summary

Official BLTA 2019 Rankings                   Archives Junior rankings    BLTA Rankings Dec 11th 2017 Junior Ranking   BLTA Junior Rankings as of July 15th, 2017    BLTA… Read more

Downloadable Forms

   BLTA Membership:     2020 BLTA Membership Form (2)   BLTA Programme Registration:     Grassroots (January – March 2019)    BLTA Ladder Registration Form      BLTA Club Event Registration Forms:     BLTA… Read more

Mixed Doubles League

The BLTA Mixed Doubles league is an open Round Robin League designed for players of all levels. The League will run for a 2 month period from the end of winter to the start of… Read more

Commercial Tennis League

The BLTA Commercial League is a corporate tennis league design to promote and provide to tennis to Bermuda’s many businesses and corporations. The league runs during the summer months and consists of home and away… Read more