BLTA Winter League Tennis 2022/2023

Follow the result and standings of your favorite teams as they compete each week for top honors via the following links: BLTA Winter League 2022/2023 Men’s Division BLTA Winter League 2022/2023 Ladies Division

Tournament Sanctioned Form

  Sanctioned Tournaments   Any BLTA member tennis club, wishing to host a tournament which awards ranking points to players in various adult and junior divisions, must have that tournament sanctioned by the BLTA. This will… Read more

International Representation

Criteria for International Representation:   The following criteria have been put in place for the selection of players for International Representation: Criteria for International Representation   Note: A player is required to play at least… Read more

Reports and Financial Statements

  Annual Reports               BLTA Annual Report 2016    BLTA Annual Report 2017   Audited Financials          BLTA  Audited Financial Statements 2015   BLTA Audited Financial Statements 2016… Read more