The 2023 BLTA Ladder will run from March 19 until December 20, 2023.

To register: CLICK HERE

BLTA Tennis Ladder Overview

  1. New players can join the ladder at any time.
  2. The ladder is mixed – men and women are encouraged to participate.
  3. Juniors are encouraged to participate, there will be an age minimum of 14 to be eligible.
  4. Juniors need to be 14 years old as of December 31, 2022.
  5. The entry fee for the ladder entitles each player to participate in all ladder events and activities for a full calendar year.
  6. The entry fee is $35 per player.
  7. All players need to be current BLTA members.
  8. The annual membership fee entitles the player to participate in all BLTA activities for the year.
  9. The annual BLTA membership is $70 per adult player. (If a player is 18 and under as at December 31, 2022 the membership fee is $40)
  10. Payment can be cash, cheque or wire transfer.
  11. If sending a wire transfer, please note ‘player name/ladder’ in the notes section to account for the source of funds and where they should be allocated.
    – BNTB Account Number: 0604021320021
  12. Anyone joining the ladder after July 1st will pay 50% of the annual ladder fee. (There is no prorated cost for BLTA membership).
  13. Each players’ registration and payment will need to have been received and confirmed before playing their first match.
  14. No refunds will be granted after a player has completed their first ladder match.

BLTA Tennis Ladder Rules

  • You may issue 1 challenge(s) at a time
  • You can only be challenged by one player/team at any given time. This prevents outstanding challenges from accumulating against you. 
    • (There is NEXT-IN-LINE CHALLENGES – that if there are no eligible opponents for Joe to challenge the next opponent in place will be available to play.)
  • The top player on the ladder will be allowed to challenge down 3 spots, to maintain ladder flow.
  • All other players may challenge up to 3 spots.
  • If the challenge is successful, you will take the spot of the person you challenge, and your opponent will now assume rank of the challenger.
  • If you hold a wildcard, you may challenge anyone above you. 
    • Everyone will receive one wildcard to challenge anyone above you; after which you will only be allowed to challenge up 3 spots at a time
  • If challenged, you will have 7 days to “Accept” or “Deny” the challenge or the challenge will be considered a “forfeit” and the challenger will be granted the win.
  • By accepting a challenge, you agree to play the challenge within 10 days after the date of acceptance.
  • If you cannot play within 10 days, simply “Deny” the challenge and the challenger will be rewarded the win and can move on.
  • If a challenge is accepted and not played within 10 days, it will expire and the challenge will be deleted from the system and will have to be re-issued. Of course, since rankings continually change, a re-challenge may not be possible.


  1. Players can play their matches any day during the week from Mon-Sunday.
  2. There is no minimum or maximum for matches played per week, 
  3. After accepting a challenge from a player via the website or mobile app,  Match location, time and date can then be mutually agreed upon by both players.
    • Players should agree to split the cost of the court, unless other arrangements are made.
    • Both players are required to bring one can of new balls – the winner of the match will keep the unopened can. (Not enforced, but a match good play token)
  4. All match scoring will be two out of three tie-break sets, with a super-match tie-break (10 point tie-breaker) in lieu of the 3rd set.
  5. If either party is more than 15 minutes late for an agreed scheduled match, that person is liable to forfeiture of the match 
  6. Players should decide before playing the match what will happen if it rains or if the match has to be abandoned for any reason.
    • In the event of inclement weather, the match may be rescheduled and/or completed within one week.
    • If the match is not completed, the leading player wins.
  7. Players are expected to play in appropriate and acceptable club specific attire and regulation tennis shoes.
  8. All matches will be two out of three tie-break sets, with a super-match tie-break (10 point breaker) in lieu of the 3rd set.
  9. All players are entitled to a maximum of 10 minutes warm up with their opponent.
  10. At the conclusion of the match, it is the responsibility of the winner of the match to report the score via
    • The winner should report the score within 48 hours of the end of the match; but I any player may submit the score
  11. Code of Conduct – The BLTA will not tolerate BAD MANNERS, RACQUET THROWING, BAD LANGUAGE, CHEATING, or POOR SPORTSMANSHIP! The BLTA code of conduct will be in effect throughout each match. The ladder will be played under the Rules of Tennis as approved by the International Tennis Federation.