The Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association is a member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as such we abide by the rules and regulations of the ITF. 

These rules apply to local and internationals events.

Listed Below are some the more relevant rules and regulations:


ITF Juniors:

1)      2017 ITF Junior Circuit Regulations    


 2)      2017 ITF Junior Circuit Organisational requirements  


3)      ITF Junior Circuit 2017 Rules Changes

4)      Procedural Rules – ITF Independent Tribunal – 2017  

5)      Procedural Rules – ITF Internal Adjudication Panel – 2017  


6)      ITF Junior Style Guide 

            2017 Junior Style Guide


ITF Adults:

1)    2017 ITF Rules of Tennis

2)   Davis Cup Regulations 

3)    Fed Cup Regulations