Winter Tennis League 

The BLTA Winter League is open to all tennis clubs.  The league starts in the fall and runs until the end of winter is a double and singles competition events depending on the Divison.  There are 3 divisions: (1) Women’s Division and (2) Men’s Divisions ‘A’ & ‘B’, with Division ‘A’ being the top division.  Play will consist of weekly home and away team matches. 

The Winter League also contains a pairs competition  at which doubles pairs from each team are able to play in a single day round robin event. – Click here for more information


Commercial Tennis League 

The BLTA Commercial is a corporate tennis league design to promote and provide to tennis to Bermuda’s many businesses and corporations. The league runs during the summer months and consists of home and away team fixtures with 5 matches for each fixture. There is Men’s and Ladies Singles, along with Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Doubles. – Click here for more information


Mixed Doubles League

The BLTA Mixed Doubles league is an open Round Robin League designed for players of all levels. The League will run for a 2 month period from the end of winter to the start of spring. The League will and have multiple divisions to accommodate players of all levels. It is intended to promote doubles play in a structured league format. The league is open to Tennis Clubs, corporations and groups… Click here for more information




While these events are sanctioned by the BLTA, there are no ranking points allocated for the events.


For information on any league please contact us.