BLTA Developmental Program:

This program continues to focus on the development of juniors with additional match play and coaching advice.

Kids eligible for this program have to be in either Group 1 or Group 2 of Pepperidge Farm or graduated out of Group 1 of Pepperidge Farm. (Any exceptions will be made by the National Tennis Director)

Kids will receive two hours of fundamental drills and instruction geared toward match play. (Receiving both technical and tactical advice from coaches).

There will also be a Players Ladder organized for this program where the kids are required to play a minimum of two matches per week. This ladder will be administered by the BLTA.

The cost to enter this program is $175 per term, (with a yearly fee of $40 for BLTA Junior membership and a onetime fee of $25 for t-shirt that the children will wear when attending this program. 

The program runs for eight weeks each Wednesday at the WER Joell Tennis Stadium from 4pm-6pm under the guidance of Ricky Mallory (National Tennis Director), along with Jenson Bascome and David Thomas (Davis Cup Players).



Any child wishing to represent Bermuda Nationally or Internationally in any future event must participate in this program.

It is important for students to maintain their private lessons with their individual coaches while participating in this or any BLTA program.


Development Training Reg Form Fall 2018