The BLTA in conjunction with CHUBB Bermuda hosted the final tournament event of the 2016/2017 school year on May 12th, May 18th and May 19, 2017, at the WER Joell Tennis Stadium. 


On May 12th the elements of the weather did not deter the students from taking on an exciting day of tennis, competing in the CHUBB School Tennis Program -Senior School Tournament.   We had a very exciting seniors school tournament with 3 schools competing -Cedarbridge Academy, Sommersfield Academy and Berkeley Institute. 


High Schools Tournament May 12th,  Final Results


Blue Team -Girls

First Place       -Shelby Medieros (Sommersfield Academy)

Second Place  -Jahzuena Bradshaw-Douglas (Berkeley Institute)

Third Place     -Kaila Harvey  (Berkeley Institute)



Blue Team -Boys

First Place        -Kairo Morton    (Sommersfield Academy)

Second Place  -Jaire Lawrence-Salaam  (Cedarbridge Academy)

Third Place     -Samuel Simmons   (Cedarbridge Academy)



Red Team -Girls

First Place        -Morgan Kempe (Sommersfield Academy)

Second Place   -Brijette Basden  (Cedarbridge Academy)

Third Place      -Lysmeiri Santana  (Cedarbridge Academy)


Red Team -Boys

First Place        -Denzel Johnson (Berkeley Institute)

Second Place  -Jaire Fough-Smith  (Berkeley Institute)

Third Place      -Rayqvon Woodly  (Cedarbridge Academy)


Ms. Samantha Frode from CHUBB Bermuda, the title sponsor of the School Tennis Program, and Mr. Arnold Manders from the Department of Education were on hand to present the competitors with their medals and congratulate them on their success.


The Middle School event saw 26 students from Saltus Grammar School, Somersfield Academy, and Warwick Academy participate.  The tournament’s match play format consisted of an initial round robin and progressed to an 8 player draw, split into two groups for both boys and girls.

Middle School Tournament Mat 18th, Final Results

Boys A:

Winner:            Macaki Whitter  -Somersfield Academy

Runner Up:       David Gooewardene -Warwick Academy

Third Place:      Sommers Mello -Saltus Grammar School

Girls A:

Winner:            Emma Astwood -Somersfield Academy

Runner Up:       Tatum Brewer -Somerfield Academy

Third Place:      Megan Johnson -Warwick Academy

Boys B:

Winner:            Kian Mooney -Saltus Grammar School

Runner Up:       Ben Dill  -Warwick Academy

Third Place:      Thibaut Stefani -Somersfield Academy

Girls B:

Winner:            Kathleen Brown -Saltus Grammar School

Runner Up:       Zemira Webb  -Warwick Academy

Third Place:      Kara Dallas -Saltus Grammar School


Mr. David Jenkins, representing CHUB Bermuda, encouraged the students to continue with their tennis endeavors and presented the students with their medals.

On Friday, May 19th the event saw 110 P4 students from 18 Primary Schools across the island compete in the Schools Program Tennis Tournament using the short court red ball format.  The competition started in the morning allowing the students to warm up and practice their game by schools playing against each other using a first to 5 point scoring system.   Students competed on both hard and clay surfaces utilizing 28 short courts. 

In the afternoon the students were separated into 12 groups based on playability, using team single elimination draw format.  The students competed eagerly, displaying their tennis strokes and skills they have learned over the school year.  The weather was perfect and the students enjoyed competing in the all-day tennis event.



Primary School Tournament May 19th, Final Results

Girls A:

1st Place     Amira El Karfa -Harrington Sound Primary
2nd Place   Chloe Card   -Warwick Academy
3rd Place    Avani Patton  -Gilbert Institute


Boys A:

1st Place     Kyan Hands   -Warwick Academy
2nd Place    Alex Lefebvre  -Saltus
3rd Place    Ethan Anderson  -Saltus

Girls B:

1st Place     Somers Stevenson -Somersfield Academy

2nd Place     Sadie Devery        -Saltus
3rd Place     Shantia Berkerly     -Paget Primary

Boys B:

1st Place    Jai Simmons -Prospect Primary 
2nd Place   Jayden Pacheco  -West Pembroke
3rd Place   Syhon Goater-Dahari   -Paget Primary



Ms. Allison Towson, representing CHUBB Bermuda, and Ms. Judith Turnquest, representing the Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association, presented medals to the students. They also express their thanks to CHUBB Tennis in the Schools 2016 / 2017 Program Coordinator -Coach Romar Douglas and supporting Pro staff of the program -Coach Lavern Stowe and Coach Braxton Stowe, supporting sponsors of the tournament -John Barritt & Son Ltd., Department of Education and the Department of Youth, Sports & Recreation. Appreciation was also express to the students for their participation, the additional Pros that assisted with the tournaments and the volunteer’s help and support.


The Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association expressed their sincere appreciation and thanks to CHUBB Bermuda, the Sponsor of the CHUBB Tennis in the Schools Program, for their dedication, commitment and continued support of the school tennis program.