BLTA Launches Girl Power Initiative

 On Saturday, February 27th, a group of girls and their parents met with the Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association for an initiative aimed at attracting and keeping young Bermudian females interested in competitive tennis.  The BLTA’s Girl Power Initiative will provide mentoring for the girls and will help them develop and execute plans to achieve their personal tennis goals.  For most, this means building the physical and mental fitness needed to play tennis competitively, participating in team building activities and getting assistance with entering local and international tournaments.


The BLTA’s Secretary, Judy Turnquest, and Treasurer, Sarah Cook, are heading the Initiative, along with Rhonda Caza and Kate Daly.  Cook explained to the girls that when she first began playing tennis in Bermuda, there were 55 women on the BLTA’s tennis ladder.  The ladder has shrunk in size since then and now there aren’t even enough women tennis players in Bermuda to regularly field the national teams.  Turnquest emphasized the need for cohesiveness.  “When you’re on the court playing in a tournament, you should be able to look up into the stands and see your fellow players cheering you on.” 


The first six girls to join the Initiative include Kaila Harvey, Jennifer Parra, Jahzuena Bradshaw-Douglas, Emma Atwood, Kaylah Ming, and Shelby Madeiros.  


Left to right Emma Astwood, Shelby Madeiros, Jahzuena Bradshaw-Douglas, Jennifer Parra and Kaila Harvey.  (Missing from the photo is Kaylah Ming).

 By Kate Daly.