BLTA Mid-Summer Open

Covid-19 Restrictions


BLTA Office


All person must wear a mask when entering the BLTA office and please sanitize your hands

Tennis activity should be in line with the Bermuda Government’s advised social/physical distancing measures.

There shall be NO social gatherings and congregations at the facility.

All participants should come fully dressed and bring their own water.

All participants that use the facility should be recorded, in case officials need to trace who has been onsite during opening hours.


W.E.R. Joell Building


Female members/patrons will be allowed to use the bathroom within the facility. All female members entering the WER Joell building should have on a facial mask. No male members/patrons will be allowed into the building during this time.

Male members/patrons will be permitted to use the outdoor bathroom adjacent to the court #2 entry point. Ask front desk for male bathroom key.

The showers are not available during this time.


Social/Physical Distancing


All persons using the facility should stay at least 6 feet apart to maintain physical distancing.


Tennis Play


All participants should use their own racquet/push balls back with their foot/or hit ball back without touching/avoidance of hand use on common objects at ALL times.

 At the completion of a match players should touch racquets instead of shaking hands


Thanks for your cooperation and please think safety first!